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The unit works flawlessly in China and in Hong Kong. We had to go back and forth couple of times and there was NO problem. All our WiFi needs were met. Received the unit couple of days before the trip as promised. Return process was a snap. Will definitely reserve from you again for all our international trips!

Thank you for the great service.

Edgar Leung


Thank you Cello Mobile! I've been using you folks for years and you're just the best in service, ease of working with and communications! I'll be back!

Alison Svoboda


I've been very happy with the rental phones supplied by Cello Mobile. I've taken their phones whenever I travel abroad, and find the whole process simple and cost-effective. I am a person who is not tech savvy and I appreciate the timely support in the rare instance that there might be a problem.

Donnie Friedman


We just returned home yesterday and I wanted to drop you a note and let you know that we will never travel outside the country again without a Cellomobile hotspot. With few exceptions, it worked almost anywhere. In spite of my strong recommendations, one of my friends got her hotspot from someone else and she was constantly complaining that it took forever to charge and wouldn’t last more than a couple of hours. The hotspot you provided us would charge overnight and would maintain a charge all day the following day.

Thanks for an excellent product.

Charles Coker


Thank you! May I just say that your company’s level of service has been an absolute delight!
Cannot express how much we appreciate how easy you have made this process for us -

Best regards, Jules

Jules Porter Thompson
Executive Assistant & Office Manager
Office of Condoleezza Rice
Hoover Institution, Stanford University
434 Galvez Mall
Stanford, CA 94305-6003
Office Phone: 650-xxx-xxxx
Fax: 650-xxx-xxxx


Good Morning,

I am writing to let you know that I have return shipped this order on September 14, 2017.

Tracking number per your supplied shipping label: 1Z xxx xxx xx 5917 8673

Once again as a satisfied customer of CelloMobile, I am happy to report that the phone functioned flawlessly and was a welcome traveling companion giving me the comfort of knowing I am still in touch with my loved ones at home.

Your service was excellent, as I had to phone a couple of times to get confirmation on how to use the phone. Your team was prompt and courteous even dealing with a technology challenged person that I am!

Again, thank you,

Glen Thurman

Glen Thurman


Thank you for the great service. The wifi worked very well on Mauritius.

With many thanks,

Aimée L. Kahan
Director of Strategic Initiatives
Assistant Professor of Law

Aimée Kahan
Drexel University
Thomas R. Kline School of Law
3320 Market Street, Room 334
Philadelphia, PA 19104


Just wanted to tell you that your mobile wifi worked great for us in Italy and Greece. Due to problems with the separate GPS system we rented we wound up using your mobile wifi and an iphone for driving directions. In addition, we did the same for walking directions within the cities we visited.


James B. Davis, President
Practice Management Information Corporation
4727 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 302
Los Angeles, CA 90010
323 xxx-xxxx


The device worked perfect and never gave me any trouble. I was worried about battery life but never has it go dead even on very busy days. I will use it again if I have the privilege to go back out of the US.

Thank you,

Steve Gaskin
Lann Chemical
662-321-xxxx (C), 662-369-xxxx (O)


I'm rested.

Cello. The. Best.
We love the reliability and constant wifi. Use this as a testimonial - I love you !!!

Mary Kay Brautigan
Coldwell Banker Burnet
Direct: 612-616-XXXX


I thank you very much for this service. It worked great when I turned it on and did us great service for the 4 of us in Northern Ireland and N.W. Donegal. Had to turn it off a couple times to reset, but no trouble. I did get a 5GB notice late in that stay, so must have been streaming music on Apple and forgot to turn it off completely after listening to two songs, and went to bed. Hope it didn’t cause any difficulty with the local carrier.

Mark Sellergren
OmniLingua Worldwide, LLC
CEO & Chairman


'Cello is simply heaven - highly recommend MiFi unit and service for travelling within Europe. Avoided use of my "Mobil" direct calling phone line. Enabled communications via "on line" voice and data alternatives using the Cello provided MiFi (Pocket WIFI) unit only. This method avoids extra data service charges and I did not incur phone call roaming charges. Great Service, unit arrived to my office as promised in time for departure, and return UPS slip provided with unit for convenient return to supplier upon completion of trip abroad. Smooth seamless log-on ease per clear instructions. No problems, no worries, no hassle, and great communications afforded while away. Don't leave home without one!'

R. Borum
Rancho Dominguez



This is my first time traveling to Europe with a WIFI Hotshopt.
I have tried to use international data plans and Sim cards and there were always glitches when i got to Europe to use them or the cost was so high for what you got it didnt make sense.
Cello gives you 1GB a day to use. I never got close to that, with my wifi calling to the us, gps navigation and even watching you tube travel videos on the go.

I hear if you go over 1gb they will send you a message to limit useage.
other company's i read about will throttle you down once you hit 350mb.
the return process was easy as long as you get the return postage when you order it.
all in all i feel this is a must for short term travelers going to Europe

Jack T.


Thank you for such excellent service. .......most impressed. Everything worked just perfectly and I have been recommending your company to friends and will do a review for Tripadvisor.



Hi –

Phone / hot spot worked great.

This will be shipped back with your prepaid label – tracking # 1ZE703W10340964290.

I am guessing UPS will pick it up Monday.


American Solutions for Business
Promotional Sales and Print Marketing
Ph: 218-xxx-xxxx | E: |


Wow! This phone was the best part of my trip. My cat broke his leg while playing and the catsitter called me right on to report. i was on the phone the entire time with the vets and veterinary nurses (he's alright) and was able to hear them clearly and they heard me well and when i came home expecting a huge bill, it was exactly as promised and not a penny more.
I will always rent phones when i travel again.
Cello Mobile thank you and thank you from Sunny,

Tracy Grand
Warr Acres, OK


We very much enjoyed the rental of the phones, the courtesy and quick replies of the people who responded to a few questions I had before and after the rental.

Your company is very generous, we'd certainly reciprocate on any recommendations we'll have to friends traveling to use your services.
Again, our thanks.

Marc Trottier
Ottawa, ON


I want to thank you for your service, the device operated perfectly and satisfied my needs completely while in Hong Kong.
Thank you again. I will definitely use your company again.

Douglas A. Torok
Erie, PA


Everything worked just fine with the phone. Had a little trouble calling the UK from France, however finally got it figured out after reading the instructions and the calls went through. It was good to have a working phone while on my trip.

Will keep you for a reference for future trips and also recommend your services to friends.

Best regards,

Dennis Ritchey
Fullerton, CA


I'll definitely be using your service again soon as it was much easier for me than making my regular cell work in Europe.

John Griffin
Sarasota, FL


There was a death in my family, and I had to leave out of town shortly after I came home from overseas. Cello Mobile was so nice and didn't charge ANY late fees at all even though it was returned almost 4 weeks late.

I spoke with reps quite a bit about the phone and I thank you for all your help before I left for my trip - you all were very professional and a pleasure to do business with.

I will recommend your company to all my friends/family who go overseas.

Kind regards,

Nicole Georges
Menlo Park, CA


Happy Friday! My boss has returned from his trip with the phone safe and sound. We’re having our IT’s wipe the phone before we send it out. I’m going affix the label you provided to the front of the box.

Thank you for all of your help.
It was the easiest process in the UNIVERSE and we’ll definitely work with you again.
Talk to you soon!
Best Regards,

Jill E. Pond - Enhanced Capital Partners, Inc.
New York, NY


Hello. We placed two orders for 10 phones that were scheduled to be returned today. Our ladies loved using these phones but one of them has been delayed and will only return tomorrow. This is a good match and we do meetings all over the world so we'll be in touch soon!

Carrie Sharp, Miller Tanner Associates
Lebanon, TN


Your service was great…the phone was used by my daughter Danielle… And you know how hard it is to please :).


henry stupp
Brooklyn, NY


Thanks for the great service.

Josh Effron
Rancho Palos Verdes, CA


Thank you very much.
Your support is very helpful.
Have a nice day!

Satoko Takeuchi
Harrison, NY


We got a SIM card for one month to use in Israel. It worked great and the price was better than expected. The sales and customer service reps were very helpful over the phone, and I have already recommended this provider to others. We hope to deal with them again.

Settenbrino Shaina
Clifton, NJ


The devices worked really well in all of Europe (i traveled to metro and remote places in Germany,Hungary,Czech republic and Poland). Thank you.

Beth Silver
Falls Church, VA


My user had no complaints. It worked in all places in Cuba so thanks for your great service.

David Rosen
New York, NY


I just returned home and will return all the devices right away! I can imagine you are getting many requests lately. The phone is working great – Mr. Strauss is very happy to have it.


Carmody Herzberg
Beverly Hills, CA


The MiFi worked very well! Thanks! I was able to read emails while we were traveling thru the maze of Indian roads.

Edward Senker
Bal Harbour, FL


Just a quick note…things are working just fine now, but I have a few questions…....

Thanks, JEH

James E. Hutcheson
MSC Associates, Inc.
Oakton VA, 22124


I returned my phone on June 28, but have not seen a final invoice from you for the call/message charges and return shipping. BTW, the phone worked well for us. Thanks.

Michael J. Miller
Kingsport, TN 37663


Earlier this summer, I experienced very good service using my Cellomobile phone in Hungary, Austria, Germany and Netherlands. This is to notify Cellomobile that I soon expect to be using my phone in Switzerland, and perhaps France and Italy. I'm not sure if this notification is required or not but here it is.

Thank You,

David Raymond


I just mailed the mifi device back to your receiving department. I could not find the shipping label, so I made one. I have attached a photo so you may be able to identify that the device is the one I rented for 14 days with of data.

I am a satisfied customer, and intend to give CelloMobile an excellent review.


Mike Eubanks


Hello –

A colleague of mine used your unlimited international wireless hotspot rental earlier this year in China and had a very good experience with the device.

Enterprise Networks Solutions
Sr. Engineer


Good day,

I had a very good experience using the phone. I returned the phone and it was delivered to your office on 24 Sep 2015. I have the tracking number if required.




The phone we rented for use in Italy and France worked flawlessly. We rented this phone as a backup to our own smartphones that were activated to work in Italy and France. They did not work for phone calls or text messages. The only reason Facebook and Email worked is because we used the rented phone as a hotspot. Glad we had a backup plan. We will use your company again for future international travels.

David Mendoza
San Pedro, CA


I would like to say your product worked perfectly in T&C (Turks and Caicos) every moment when other people used the hotel wifi and had problems. I will be in touch again on my next excursion.

Eric Faltraco
New York, NY


Thank you. Also for future customers frequenting the BVI -- I found the product to work very well. My friends had rented out another mobile hotspot and had a lot of difficulty getting a signal let alone being able to use the internet. The hotspot you provided me worked with no issues. During my time in the BVI I was at port in Tortola, Norman Island, Virgin Gorda, Anegada and Jost Van Dyke. All had excellent reception. Thanks again.

Jason Chong
Mercer Island, WA


I had a wonderful worry free vacation to England thanks to Cellomobile.
My son and I walked Hadrian's wall and appreciated having a Cellomobile phone. We had phone service from sea to sea and were able to contact our daily transportation and accommodations with never a moment's panic. On the occasions were we separated the phones reunited us. My bill was exactly as advertised. Customer service was extremely kind when I needed help due to my ignorance. I recommend and will use Cellomobile whenever I travel.

Alice Elison
Blackfoot, Idaho



I have your mobile rented until our return to the U.S. on Monday, May 18.

The cell phone has been a godsend to us, since the husband of the couple we a traveling with in France suffered a stroke on Tuesday night. He has been hospitalized in Caen since then, this he is recovering and is likely to be flown home to Boston in a medical charter this coming week.

I am flying back myself on Monday. But my wife is staying for several days to help the wife if our friend. I plan to leave the cell phone with her. I realize that this goes beyond the rental period, and am therefore requesting an extension. I am happy to pay whatever additional fees you decide.

Thanks for your assistance. Please let me know at your earliest convenience how we should proceed.


Walter Robinson
Boston Globe
Editor At Large
Mobile: (617) XXX-XXXX


Dear Cello Mobile, Just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for your outstanding products and service. Your SIM cards arrive expediently, work well, your rates are easy on the wallet and your customer service is amazing. I had a problem with a competitors defective SIM card ( You apologized for my difficulties, helped me figure out the defective sims parent company contact info and even sent me one of your (other cheaper) SIMs which provided comparable service and rates (Editors note: our rates are the lowest in the industry, our buying power is BIG, and we can afford to charge calling rates that others cannot even think of) to that of Go-sim for my troubles. That just doesn't happen in this day and age. basically told me "not our problem".

I was stationed on a ship whos motto was "Service with excellence" and I try to live that way and expect others to as well. Sadly, I am often disappointed by companies with only the bottom line as their major motivator but am glad to say Cello Mobile lives up to "Service with excellence", providing excellent, economical products and friendly, helpful support when you need it. Thank you for going above and beyond. I will certainly spread the word.

Respectfully,Paul G. Leyden


Dear Cello Mobile, Now that all of the 2008-2009 study abroad programs have returned and I have had a chance to talk with faculty who traveled with your phones, I wanted to be sure and pass on our sincerest thank you. Having worked with a variety of rented cell phone companies over the years, your phones were by far the most convenient for faculty. I had faculty going out of their way to comment on their satisfaction with the phones. Those faculty who had phones with local numbers in their host country were most impressed. Without having to worry about the phones themselves, we were free to focus an the purpose of having the phones...crisis management. We did have a few serious events unfold overseas and the faculty were in touch with us several times per day and night. Everyone is fine and home safe. Thank you for helping us do our job better. Our students and their families are certainly appreciative of our combined efforts.

We look forward to working with you again next year.

Elizabeth Allsworth
Director of Study Abroad
Johnson and Wales University


Thank you so much. I want to congratulate you on the service and the cost. I read the reviews and they are all so accurate. I will be traveling abroad in the fall, and will definitely use cellomobile again.

Tom Lackey


Your folks are the absolute best. You can use this in a testimonial if you like and I will certainly tell all my friends. Working with you was so easy, efficient and your rates were very, very reasonable. It was just a pleasure doing business with you.

Sam Gallucci Ed.D.SPHR
Sam Gallucci Ed.D.SPHR
Managing Director
Alliance for Leadership LLC
(732) xxx-xxxx
Mobile (908) xxx-xxxx


Dear Cello Mobile, Thank you so much for all of your help with the cell phones this year. I appreciate your help! I am writing because one of our faculty members lost the packaging and instructions for return so she gave the phone back to me. Can you let me know how I should send it and the name and address to whom I should send it? Also, I just want to check in to ensure that all of the bills have been paid. I have not received anything else, but I wanted to be sure. Many thanks,

Amy Ewen, M.A.
Study Abroad Program Coordinator
Johnson & Wales University
8 Abbott Park Place
RI 02903