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Mexico Smartphone Rental

Stay In Touch Overseas with a Mexico Smartphone Plan.
Make calls, send text messages, browse the web, send/receive emails.

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, you’ll be able to talk and email without having to worry about roaming fees. CelloMobile’s Mexico Smartphone rental will keep you connected with your friends, family, and business associates both locally in Mexico, and back home. You will also be able to look up maps, use it as a GPS, make use of the Google translation app and more. All for a fixed rental fee!

Here’s how it works :
When you sign up for the Mexico Smartphone rental service through Cello Mobile, you’ll receive a late model Android Smartphone device that has the ability to make/receive calls, send/receive text messages and access the internet. All for the same low fixed rental price. You’ll never be offline with a Cello Mobile smartphone regardless of where you are, in cities like Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Acapulco and beyond. Our network partners include Lusacell, Telefonica Movil and Telcel, which means that there is no spot without service. Sign up today and get your Cello Mobile smartphone a couple of days before you leave your home.

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  • Plan 1
    North America Unlimited
Per Min Call ChargesMexico
Incoming Calls$0.00
Local Calls$0.00
Call to Usa Canada$0.00
Voicemail Access$0.00
Call to Other Countries (?)$0.00
Mobile to Mobile$0.00
Incoming SMS$0.00
Outgoing SMS$0.00
Data (Per MB.) $0.00
North America Unlimited NOTE:
Because you selected Mexico as your destination, we are only showing you plans accordingly. If you travel to other countries, select it from the drop down menu above to make sure we cover those countries. Using it on a cruise ship is not included, and it will cost an additional $49.99 for every calendar day that you turn On the device while on the ship. Using it in a country not covered in your contract will incur additional fees not exceeding $49.99/day.
North America Unlimited
Plan Highlights
This is an unlimited talk/text and data plan with 5 Gigabytes of high speed data. Your speed will slow down to 3G speeds (256kbps) after you used up your high speed allowance. Calls and SMS are free to/from USA/Canada/Mexico.
North America Unlimited
Rental Fee

$99.99/first week.

$4.99 each day after

North America Unlimited FAQ

What do you include in the Smartphone rental package?

All of our international Smartphone rental packages include an Android based smartphone with a Cello Mobile SIM card for your destination country. It also includes a carrying case (fanny pack) and a rapid wall charger with the necessary plug adapters.

How does the Smartphone device work?

The Cello Mobile Smartphone device arrives ready-to-go with a reliable internet and voice/text message connection wherever you travel.

What distinguishes your product from the competition?

There are numerous reasons why thousands of travelers trust us with their communication needs abroad.
1. Our devices are 4G capable Vs. the competition which uses outdated devices.
2. Our devices have an average 8-10 hour battery life.
3. We deliver your device a couple of days before you travel abroad.
4. We are a trusted leader serving our customers since 2006 with reliable communication solutions.
5. USA based customer support agents that understand your language.
6. Our rental rates are extremely competitive.
We are so confident with our product offering, that if you come across a competitors website offering you a similar product for a better price, let us know and we will beat that price by 10%.

What is your fair usage policy?

This is an unlimited plan with 4GB. of high speed data. Your speed will slow down to 3G speeds after you used up your high speed allowance. Calls and SMS are free to/from USA/Canada/Mexico.

Can I use any apps on my smartphone rental?

Yes, you can use any apps you like e.g. Waze, Google maps or any other navigation app, and you can browse the web, share Facebook messages or watch movies at no additional charge.

Do you only charge for the actual days abroad?

We only charge for the actual days abroad. Please make sure to input on the order form your actual travel days only.

Do you offer loss/theft insurance on the international Smartphone rentals?

Yes. Insurance is optional. Costs $14.99 for the entire trip and has a $150 deductible. If you decline insurance, you will have to pay $550 if the device is lost, stolen or broken.

Will I get a USA based phone number for my Smartphone?

By default your service comes with a USA based phone number.

How long will it take to receive my international smartphone rental, and what are my shipping costs?

All orders received before 4pm Monday-Thursday and Friday until 1pm EST can be shipped out the same day. Expedited and urgent delivery options are available on the online order form. Shipping runs between $10-$45 (depending on where you live and how fast you need it). If you order after the cut off time, please make sure to call us in at 1.877.602.2999, to see if we can still ship you out that day. All orders received after the cut off time, will be shipped the following business day. We always make sure that your device arrives a couple of days before your trip.

How much does it cost to ship back the international smartphone(s) to Cello Mobile?

All USA rental orders include a prepaid UPS return label for your convenience (there will be a $10 charge if used). Canadian/Mexican and International orders can use the postal service or any other return method. Please make sure to keep the return tracking number for your reference.

When do I need to return the international smartphone rental back to Cello Mobile?

International smartphone rentals must be shipped back within 2 business days of your return home. If your international smartphone was shipped back after 2 business days of your return home we may charge you a late fee of $14.99 per day for every day that your phone was not shipped back to us (once phones are in carriers possession it will not count against you).
If you're looking for the convenience of carrying just one device during your travels, the Mexico Smartphone plan is perfect for you! You'll find that our rates are extremely competitive and the service is unbeatable. We are the only company that offers LTE coverage in more places than any of our competitors, and we offer unlimited data with a fair usage policy that nobody even comes close!

What Customers Recently Said...

Submited By: on 11/30/2016
the Mexico smartphone rental worked perfectly through our travels in Cancun.


Submited By: on 09/13/2016
excellent package and program! the phone arrived early and i downloaded all my apps on my home wifi. i had no problem from when i arrived to mexico and it worked all over high speed. texting was great too. unbelievable.


Submited By: on 02/18/2016
I only used the Android galaxy in Cabos and the reception was very good there. The data was also very good.


Submited By: on 02/11/2016
Worked good in Mexico. I used Google maps and I was very pleased with the whole experience.


Submited By: on 02/11/2016
I visited Cancun and had excellent service with a very strong 4g signal all over.


Submited By: on 02/09/2016
I was in Cabos for a week and had better service and faster 4G data than my home phone :-)


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