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Bosnia & Herzegovina Sim Card

Bosnia and Herzegovina
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Get your Bosnia & Herzegovina SIM card that provides excellent calling rates and high speed 4G data plans for travel. You pay no roaming charges with the Bosnia & Herzegovina SIM Card.

You can choose to rent a SIM card for Bosnia & Herzegovina with unlimited talk/text and high speed data or to purchase a SIM card that you pay as you go for talk/text and data.

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Cello Mobile provides Bosnia & Herzegovina SIM Cards with excellent calling rates and high speed 4G data plans for travel nationwide including its major cities like Sarajevo, Banja Luka, Tuzla and many other cities and towns in Bosnia & Herzegovina. Because our service works on all major networks like Eronet, MOBIS-Telecom Srpske and BH Telecom, you will have excellent call quality, high speed data and great network coverage all over Bosnia & Herzegovina.

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