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France Cell Phone & Sim Card Purchase

Buy a France Cell phone or SIM card for your iPhone, Android, Windows, or Blackberry smartphone, or for your basic phone when traveling to France and take advantage of our various pay as you go plans available in France.

There are no monthly fees or hidden charges. What you see is what you pay!

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Per Min Call ChargesFrance
Incoming Calls$0.00
Local Calls$0.18
Call to Usa Canada$0.06
Voicemail Access$0.06
Call to Other Countries (?)$0.18
Mobile to Mobile$0.06
Incoming Sms$0.00
Outgoing Sms$0.18
Data (Per MB.) $0.30
World Toggle Plan NOTE:
Rates above are when used in France only. Please click here to check rates in other countries. Using it on a cruise ship is always more expensive.
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Plan Highlights
This is a prepaid plan. We offer $19, $38, $57, and $88 topup increments. Your service stops after your balance has been used up.
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SIM Card

World Toggle Plan FAQ

How Will My Service Work?

Your service will come activated with an assigned international UK (refer to the instructions that comes with your service) phone number. You can start making calls immediately, and your calling charges will be deducted from your account balance. You will also have the option to get a local number for the country you visit.

Can I add a US phone number?

Yes. You can activate a unique US number on the service. There will be a one-time setup fee, and all calls received will be free (available on the add-ons section below).

How do I add credit, and what happens when I go low?

You need to add funds initially into your account for your service to work ($38, $57, and $88 increments available upon checkout). You can always add more funds later on by calling us on emailing us. You can also check your account balance free of charge from your handset.

Do I have voicemail on my phone?

Voicemail comes activated on your account. You will receive a text message notifying you of a new voicemail.

Can I send or receive text messages?

You can send and receive SMS text messages (Only the international phone number can receive incoming SMS messages). SMS text messages are free to receive (from anywhere).

What happens with my unused credit?

Unused credit expires after 90 days of inactivity. If you return the sim card after the trip with at least $10 airtime left in the account you will receive a $5 refund on your account. (you don't need to send it back express, just send it out regular mail and you'll be fine).

What SIM card sizes do you offer?

We offer full size (Mini), micro, and nano size sim cards. Please select the one you need, (if you know which one it is) or enter the model number of the phone so we can check it out and have the right size sent to you.

Does my service expire?

Yes. The service expires 90 days of your last topup.

What are my shipping options?

Shipping runs between $10-$45 depending on the shipping method you select and the country you live in.

Do you have any satisfaction guarantee?

We stand behind our product 100%, if you feel that this product does not meet your needs 100%, we will gladly exchange it or give you a full refund within 15 days.

What kind of phone can I use?

You can use any unlocked phone that has the capability to work abroad. A 'locked' phone is one that has been restricted by software so that it can only be used with the original network or carrier it was manufactured for and can only be unlocked by the original carrier. It is the customer's responsibility to check if the phone is unlocked and to enter the correct size sim card. There will be no refunds if the phone is found to be locked or a wrong sim card was selected.
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Get a Cello Mobile France Cell Phone or SIM card, and get excellent calling rates when traveling nationwide. Because our SIM cards automatically connect to all major networks like SFR, Orange, Bouygues Telecom and Omea Telecom, you will have excellent network coverage and clear voice quality all over France including its major cities like Paris, Bordeaux, Nice, Marseille, Lyon, Strasbourg and many other cities and towns across France.

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Submited By: on 02/09/2016
The SIM card I used in France did its purpose. I really enjoyed having the USA phone number which came in handy for by dog sitter to call me for free after my dog didn't feel well.


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