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Smartphone Rental

Unlimited calls and text messages and high speed 4G data - With the Cello Mobile international smartphone rental plan, you will now get unlimited calls/text messages and 4G data, in over 160 countries worldwide. You can also activate the wireless hotspot feature on your smartphone which allows you to share your data usage with other devices. We offer 4G speeds in most places and 4G LTE speeds in more than 50 countries. Get it delivered before you travel abroad!

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What Customers Recently Said...

Submited By: on 11/16/2017
The Europe Smartphone rental provided exclusive fast internet and high speed data throughout United Kingdom, Netherlands, Belgium over to Italy, France, over to Morocco and back home through Switzerland. We had crystal clear phone service and great reception on the entire trip.


Submited By: on 11/15/2017
I traveled with my husband and 4 kids to Europe and got the Europe Smartphone rental from cellomobile.com. We landed in UK and the phone started up right away and worked throughout our travels to France, Belgium, Spain, over to Switzerland and then back to Spain and UK and from there we got our flight back home. We had excellent internet service and high speed data and we made lots of phone calls which went through without a glitch. I'm very satisfied and will rent again and refer others.


Submited By: on 11/06/2017
hotspot and smartphone worked wonder in Israel.


Submited By: on 09/12/2016
Hey, I wanted to let you know that my rental phone was shipped today via FedEx (see tracking number below) and should be at your location next Wednesday. I had great service throughout my travels in Croatia and since this was a business trip I needed to have reliable service. Thanks again.


Submited By: on 08/09/2016
Looking forward to my rental. Why I chose CelloMobile:

- great information on the web site
- helpful and responsive to pre-rental questions
- 4G data plan with nearly unlimited usage (most other plans are 3G or have limits)
- hot spot for tablets, laptop, etc.
- cheap insurance ($0.99/day)
- reasonable rates
- Phone is delivered fully activated in "airplane mode" so it can be connected to wifi at home and pre-configured with email account, favorite apps, etc. Turn off "airplane mode" upon arrival at destination and (supposedly) it just works. Turn "airplane mode" back on when departing and ship it back using the prepaid label in the box.

I will provide an update when I return...


Submited By: on 05/19/2016


Submited By: on 02/17/2016
I used it in Ireland and Scotland and the high speed 4G data was very fast. Coverage was almost anywhere, no complaints.


Submited By: on 02/16/2016
The smartphone I received was a very late model device it even had 4g in Hungary and Iceland. I used Google map and Google translate without a hitch.


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Stay In Touch Overseas with an Unlimited International Smartphone Plan, FREE Calls plus unlimited data to keep you connected for less. Leave your Iphone, Android and Blackberry at home, don't pay outrageous roaming fees.

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, you’ll be able to talk and email without having to worry about overages and roaming fees. Cello Mobile’s Unlimited International Smartphone rental makes it easier to leave your IPhone at home. Here’s how it works:

When you sign up for this service, you will receive a late model Android Smartphone rental that you can use abroad. You need to send it back when you are done with your rental. You can stay in touch from virtually anywhere – even if you’re traveling from country to country (as long as you’re visiting one of the countries in our service area). You’ll be able to send and receive emails, navigate maps, browse the internet on the rented Smartphone– all for one low daily rate.