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International WiFi Hotspot

With the Cello Mobile international WiFi hotspot rental, you’ll stay connected all over the world when you travel. You can connect up to 5 WiFi enabled devices to the international pocket WiFi device. Browse the web, respond to emails or use Skype/FaceTime freely without having to worry about overages or roaming fees. Cello Mobile makes it easy to connect with friends, family and business associates from wherever your travels may take you. Because our service works on all major networks in any country, you don't need to look at a coverage map, there will be virtually no spot without coverage. You will get it delivered before you travel abroad!

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What Customers Recently Said...

Submited By: on 09/05/2018
Great service thank you, second time I used cello mobile , Russia and Costa Rica.


Submited By: on 08/06/2018
BTW, it was fabulous. My wife learned about this type of thing in Japan, and it was indispensable in Europe. To use my cell data would have been ridiculously expensive. This was a great device. It kept a solid 4G connection over most of the islands without difficulty. It had an occasional hiccup, but recovered well.


Submited By: on 07/30/2018
I just dropped off the Hotspot Device package at the local Fedex Office in Pleasant Hill, CA today. The tracking number is: 781987159817.
We used this device during our cruise trip from Venice, Italy to Dubrovnik, Croatia; Kotor, Montenegro; Santorini, Greece; Katakolon, Greece and back to Venice. The device worked well on the land during our excursions but not on the cruise ship. We had to use the ship’s WiFi to get connected to the internet during cruising in the ocean.


Submited By: on 06/28/2018


Submited By: on 06/27/2018


Submited By: on 06/27/2018
I was in Greece & Italy and the fast internet was absolutely phenomenal! I am extremely impressed because I needed the wifi for working and it gave me even faster high speed data than I ever imagined I will! This is just great!


Submited By: on 06/27/2018
Thank you so much for an amazing experience yet again! This time I was in Cuba with a stopover in Florida first and the high speed internet was excellent!! I'm a very satisfied customer and have been for years and years. I've had a truly blessed time with cellomobile.com and will continue on.


Submited By: on 06/21/2018
The service was great! I got smashing fast internet! I will rent again.


Submited By: on 06/12/2018
I got the internet service for Europe and it worked phenomenally well for me. I enjoyed the fast internet and got LTE speeds in places in and around Belgium, Austria, Switzerland and Italy.
Thank you for a very good service.


Submited By: on 05/30/2018
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International Travel Pocket WiFi Rental

If you're traveling internationally and want to stay connected, get a mobile WiFi hotspot rental device, which will be your best travel companion, giving you unlimited high speed 4G LTE internet data all over the world.

The International WiFi hotspot device is a late model wireless hotspot portable router (approximately half the size of a regular cell phone) that you carry with you in your pocket, luggage, attaché case, etc. and it thereby allows you to connect any WiFi-enabled device to it. The WiFi hotspot is fully activated and ready to go so as soon as you land abroad, turn it on and it works! Connect up to 5 devices at once so you can use phones, tablets, laptops, etc. simultaneously and enjoy the freedom of unlimited email, browsing, etc. because it's a pay as you go international WiFi plan, you don't have to worry about overage or roaming charges. You only pay for the actual days abroad.