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Israel Cell Phone Rental

Traveling to Israel for business or pleasure, be sure to have a Cello Mobile Israel cell phone with you so you can stay connected. Cello Mobile provides excellent service and coverage in cities like Jerusalem, Haifa, Bnei Brak and many more cities and towns in Israel. Because our service works on all major networks like Orange, Cellcom, Golan Telecom and Pelephone, you will have excellent coverage all over Israel. Please select the plan that best fits your needs. Get it delivered before you leave home!
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  • Plan 1
    Israel Unlimited
Per Min Call ChargesIsrael
Incoming Calls$0.00
Local Calls$0.00
Call to Usa Canada$0.00
Voicemail Access$0.00
Call to Other Countries (?)$0.00
Mobile to Mobile$0.00
Incoming SMS$0.00
Outgoing SMS$0.00
Data (Per MB.) NA
Israel Unlimited NOTE:
This plan may only work in Israel. If you travel to other countries, select it from the drop down menu above. Using it in a country where this plan is not made for, may cost much more or not work at all. Using it on a cruise ship is never included, and it will cost $2.99/min. or $0.99/SMS message.
Israel Unlimited
Plan Highlights
This is an unlimited plan. You can talk and text as much as you like with no limits!
Israel Unlimited
Rental Fee


7 Days Minimum

Israel Unlimited FAQ

What is included in the phone rental package?

All our rental packages include a GSM cell phone with a Cello Mobile SIM card for Israel. It also includes a carrying case with a rapid wall charger with the correct Israeli plug adapters. It's a ready to GO product!

How does the cell phone rental process work?

We will ship out your cell phone rental, so you get it a couple of days before your trip. It arrives fully activated and ready to GO! You will use the cell phone rental on your trip without worrying about refilling or running low on credit. Once you finish your trip, you can either send it back with our included UPS return label (USA orders only. $10 fee will apply) or any other shipping method.

What are my up front charges?

We will charge the rental, insurance (optional), shipping fees once your phone ships out, and we will also authorize $150 (It's not a charge, it's only an authorization-hold) on your credit card account. Once your phone is back and we have all your call details, we will send you a final bill and charge your credit card accordingly.

Is there a way to get a USA based phone number for my phone?

Yes. We can add a USA phone number to your phone (for calls only) for a $14.99/setup fee, there will no additional surcharges for calls received on this number. You will still have the Israeli phone number, you can be reached on either number.

Do you offer loss/theft insurance on your rental phones?

Yes. We offer loss/theft insurance for $14.99 for the entire trip with a $75 deductible covering everything. If you decline insurance and experience a loss/theft we will charge you the retail price of the phone. Phone is $185, charger is $15, SIM card is $50, Carrying case is $15, plug adapters are $2.99 each.

How long will it take to receive my cell phone rental, and what are my shipping options?

All rental orders received before 4pm Monday-Thursday and Friday until 1pm EST can be shipped out the same day. Expedited and urgent delivery options are available on the online order form. Shipping costs run between $10-$35 (depending on where you live and how fast you need the international cell phone rental). If you order after the cut off time, please make sure to call us at 1.877.602.2999. All orders received after the cut off time, will be shipped the following business day.

If am not traveling now, when can I place my order, and how do you count the rental days?

You can place your order at any time, and we will make sure it arrives a couple of days before your trip. We only charge for the actual days abroad, so please enter your actual travel dates on the online order form.

When do I need to return the phone back to Cello Mobile?

Cell phone rentals must be shipped back within 72 business hours of your return home. If your phone was shipped back after 72 hours of your return home we may charge you a late fee of $4.99 per day for every day that your phone was not shipped back to us (once rental phones are in the carriers possession it will not count against you).

What Customers Recently Said...

Submited By: on 10/09/2018
Each year we return to our beloved Israel we use your great phone! You have always given us the best service and respect. We even received a return customer credit one year! Thank you! Shalom and Blessings, The Von Seggerns


Submited By: on 03/20/2018
I love love your service! I'm a longtime customer and will remain that way for years to come as long as the service stays as great as it always is!


Submited By: on 02/05/2018
Unlimited calling and texting is great!


Submited By: on 05/10/2017
great package!! we got the basic phone rental for Israel and it worked perfectly for incoming and outgoing calls. it was just great! i will rent again.


Submited By: on 08/02/2016
the phone for Israel and simple and really neat! My kids were upset that it wasn't a smartphone and they couldn't use Facebook and stuff but I was sure glad that they weren't with their nose in the phone all day and we had some family time to spend while touring Israel. The call quality was great and this is a fine company.


Submited By: on 06/20/2016
Israel cell phone worked very well and I had a very enjoyable trip so thank you Cello Mobile!


Submited By: on 02/18/2016
This phone rental was used in Jerusalem, Tiberias and Haifa and it worked great all over.


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