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France Cell Phone Rental

Traveling to France for business or pleasure, be sure to have a Cello Mobile France cell phone with you so you can stay connected. Cello Mobile provides excellent service and coverage in cities like Paris, Bordeaux, Nice, Marseille, Lyon, Strasbourg and many more cities and towns in France. Because our service works on all major networks like SFR, Orange, Bouygues Telecom and Omea Telecom, you will have excellent coverage all over France. Please select the plan that best fits your needs. Get it delivered before you leave home!
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Per Min Call ChargesFrance
Incoming Calls$0.00
Local Calls$0.18
Call to Usa Canada$0.06
Voicemail Access$0.06
Call to Other Countries (?)$0.18
Mobile to Mobile$0.06
Incoming Sms$0.00
Outgoing Sms$0.18
Data (Per MB.) NA
Toggle Prepaid NOTE:
This plan may only work in France. If you travel to other countries, select it from the drop down menu above. Using it in a country where this plan is not made for, may cost much more or not work at all. Using it on a cruise ship is never included, and it will cost $2.99/min. or $0.99/SMS message.
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Plan Highlights
This is a prepaid plan that requires you to maintain a positive balance in your account to use your service. You will be able to add funds into your account later in the ordering process. We offer $38, $57 and $88 topup increments.
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Rental Fee


7 Days Minimum

Toggle Prepaid FAQ

What is included in the rental package?

All our rental phones include a GSM cell phone with a Cello Mobile SIM card inside for use in the country or countries you travel to. It also includes a carrying case with a rapid wall charger.

What are my up front charges and fees?

We will charge the regular charges up front. We also put a $100 credit card authorization (not a charge) on your account.

Will I be able to make and receive calls back and forth between the USA and Canada?

Yes, your cell phone can be used to receive calls and to make calls to the USA and Canada and also local calls. If you plan on calling any other country, please contact us for the exact calling rates.

How does the prepaid service work, and how do I add more funds?

Once your cell phone rental is shipped out we will add the selected topup amount (look below for prepaid denominations) towards your talk time. While you are abroad and you need more airtime, you will need to call or email us to add more airtime credit to your account. You can also top-up your balance online (refer to the included instructions). Unused airtime is non-refundable.

I am not traveling now, when can I place my order, and how do you count the rental days?

You can place your order at any time, and we will make sure it arrives a couple of days before your trip. We only charge for the actual days abroad, so please enter your actual travel dates only on the online order form.

Do you offer loss/theft insurance on your rental phones?

Yes. We offer loss/theft insurance for $14.99 for the entire trip with a $75 deductible covering everything. If you decline insurance and experience a loss/theft we will charge you the retail price of the phone. Phone is $185, charger is $15, SIM card is $50, Carrying case is $15, plug adapters are $2.99 each.

Where will my phone number be based in?

You will get a UK based phone number by default. You will be able to choose a local phone number for the country you visit free of charge (refer to the instructions that comes with your order). We can add an additional USA phone number to your international cell phone for a one-time setup fee (look below under add-ons). There will be no additional charges to receive calls on the USA phone number.

How long will it take to receive my cell phone rental, and what are my shipping options?

All rental orders received before 4pm Monday-Thursday and Friday until 1pm EST can be shipped out the same day. Expedited and urgent delivery options are available on the online order form. Shipping costs run between $10-$35 (depending on where you live and how fast you need the international cell phone rental). If you order after the cut off time, please make sure to call us at 1.877.602.2999. All orders received after the cut off time, will be shipped the following business day.

How much does it cost to ship back the phone(s) to Cello Mobile?

All USA orders include a prepaid UPS return label (there will be a $10 charge if used). You can also use your own return method.

When do I need to return the international cell phone rental back to Cello Mobile?

International Cell phone rentals must be shipped back within 72 business hours after you return home. If your international cell phone was shipped back after 72 hours of your return home we may charge you a late fee of $4.99 per day for every day that your phone was not shipped back to us (once rental phones are in the carriers possession it will not count against you).

What Customers Recently Said...

Submited By: on 05/23/2017
Once again enjoyed the convenience of having a temporary European capable phone.
The phone is with UPS under tracking # 1ZE703W19099467009 for ground shipping back to you.


Submited By: on 09/20/2016
I'm very excited with the Cello Mobile France basic cell phone rental. We got the phone delivered to our AZ address before we left home and it worked from when we arrived abroad. I've referred my friends and will continue to do so.


Submited By: on 04/05/2016
The French are really really nice! France is gorgeous and such fun! I met lots of different people over there and I'm planning to stay in touch with them long term! The France cell phone rental is very basic phone. Doesn't even have map or GPS so it was really tough to get around but talk and text worked very well. Maybe next time I'll take the smartphone.

Thank you,


Submited By: on 02/16/2016
Very easy company to deal with and very fast communication. Highly recommended. I used the prepaid rental plan for 0.06 minute to call home to Canada. Very inexpensive.


Submited By: on 02/15/2016
France phone rental worked great! this is by far the best cell phone I've ever rented. they didn't charge additional fees to what i was originally quoted and that is what i like about this company. Honesty. (and of course excellent service and nice simple phone)


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We will be closed during the extended Jewish Sukkos holiday. All orders received will ship out on Wednesday, October 23. Please select your shipping method accordingly.

VIP and returning customers, wishing to place urgent orders during the holiday, please email viporders@cellomobile.com after submitting your order online.

Happy holidays and safe travels!