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Cello Mobile is here to serve you with your basic international cell phone rental needs. We have the best rates and service worldwide. Our international cell phone rentals have great reception everywhere in the world, like Europe, Asia, Africa and the middle East, including popular travel destinations in Europe like France, Italy, Spain, UK and other popular countries like China, Australia, Hong Kong, Israel, Mexico and many more countries around the globe. We deliver your GSM cell phone rental to your door while you are still home, so you can avoid the high costs of renting a cell phone abroad or in airports. By using our international cell phone service, you will save a fortune on your international communication costs abroad.

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What Customers Recently Said...

Submited By: on 01/02/2018
the basic cell phone rental from cellomobile gave me excellent calling and texting capabilities in London and in the rest of England. inexpensive but quality is great!


Submited By: on 01/02/2018
I love the service. Phone is easy to use and service is great everywhere. I'm very pleased and will refer others.


Submited By: on 12/28/2017
Cellomobile offers a blessed service! The phone came early and was really handy. It is inexpensive and we didn't have any trouble using it. I traveled with my 84 year old husband for our gold anniversary and the kids insisted we take a phone. I'm very pleased with it and referred my neighbor from down the road that traveled right after me.


Submited By: on 12/27/2017
Excxellent phone plan. The service is Great!!!! It worked for me and I keep renting from cellomobile again and again.


Submited By: on 12/21/2017
this is a great plan for a family traveling together. we wanted the least expensive way because we had 3 teenagers with us and didn't want them going out by themselves without a phone in a foreign country. the kids were upset we didn't get them smartphones with data but i didn't want to spend all that money.


Submited By: on 12/21/2017
the basic cell phone rental for Australia and New Zealand was a real pleasure. its inexpensive but never let us down. we only used it a couple of times but the other people heard us well. i would for sure recommend this product.


Submited By: on 12/20/2017
the phone worked very well for me when i went on a mission trip abroad. i was in touch a lot with my elderly mother and she was able to call me too.


Submited By: on 12/20/2017
excellent service on the phone.


Submited By: on 12/18/2017


Submited By: on 12/14/2017
cell phone service was great! thank you for a good product.


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International Travel Cell Phone Rental

Cello Mobile is your #1 source for all communication needs worldwide. We are the leaders in international and Europe mobile phone rentals worldwide. When you rent a Europe cell phone or international cell phone from Cello Mobile you can rest assured that you will have the highest quality and best service worldwide. Our Europe and international cell phone rental program is designed for the short term, corporate or leisure traveler, traveling abroad to Europe or to over 180 other countries worldwide.

The reason why the Cello Mobile international cell phone rental and international mobile phone program is so widely popular among international travelers is because Cello Mobile uses only direct dial service in all our international cell phone rental programs, which gives unmatched quality and service for the traveling customer. Our international cell phone rental service does not use the callback technology which is widely used these days by many other carriers offering Europe cell phone rentals and International cell phones, which makes it a very unreliable product for the international traveler.

Cello Mobile was founded in 2006, after our president and CEO, a young entrepreneur came home from a short business trip, and got hit with a bill from another international cell phone provider, totaling over $1500!! He decided to do something about it, and he took our company to where it is today: the leader in Europe cell phone and international cell phone rental.

Our customers rely on our expert knowledge of international communications. As a premiere provider of international cellular phone rentals, we have some of the world's most prestigious organizations depend on us for their cell phone service. Organizations and corporations like: Ford, CBS, Verizon Wireless, Hess, Honda, Procter and Gamble, and many leading university and school study abroad programs. We also serve as a wholesale provider for other leading international mobile phone provider companies.

We are very confident, that by choosing a Cello Mobile international cell phone rental package when you travel internationally to countries like UK, Italy, Spain, France and many more; you will count among our thousands of very satisfied customers, and you will have one thing less to worry about on your trip!

If traveling abroad, you are probably wondering why you should use an international cell phone rental. There are many benefits that come with renting an international cell phone especially if you are thinking of traveling abroad only for a short period of time.

A Europe cell phone and international cell phone rental is ideal if you have a cell phone that may not be compatible with the other country’s network. If your phone is compatible, you have the option of purchasing a SIM card which you can use during your stay while you travel.

There are other ways one can communicate internationally, like through emails and chats. Visit our smartphone rental offer for more details. Having an international cell phone is the ultimate solution if you want to enjoy the convenience that comes with having a cell phone at hand as one can use it anywhere and at any time.