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WiFi For Puerto Rico Travel

Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico
You can now rent the Cello Mobile Puerto Rico pocket WiFi device (also known as a travel WiFi router) with a pay as you go hotspot plan. It’s small and convenient to carry with you at all times, so you can stay connected and be online when traveling to Puerto Rico. You can connect up to 5 WiFi-enabled devices to the mobile WiFi device. The Cello Mobile Puerto Rico pocket WiFi is fully tested before it leaves our facility and is guaranteed to work with a high speed data connection. Cello Mobile offers unlimited data plans in Puerto Rico, so you don't have to worry about overage charges and you don’t need to look for WiFi connections when traveling. Share your trip on Facebook or Twitter, use maps, or look up things online for no additional charge. Get it before you leave home!
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  • Plan 1
    Unlimited Advanced USA
Rental duration Price
First Week$99.99
Unlimited Advanced USA NOTE:
Because you selected Puerto Rico as your destination, we are only showing you plans accordingly. If you will be visiting more countries, please select it from the dropdown menu above. Cruise ship usage is not included in your plan. Some plans may or may not work on a cruise ship. If it works on the ship, it will cost $49.99/day.
Unlimited Advanced USA
Fair Usage Policy

This plan has no overage charges or surprise bills. We do however ask you to be a fair user and not to exceed 1.2 Gigabytes of data usage per day, which may result in your speeds slowing down for that day or we may send you an alert by email. You can select to increase your data allowance at checkout. Please refer to the FAQ section for more information.

DATA options available with this plan

Unlimited Data Plan (?)

Unlimited Advanced USA FAQ

What is the advantage of the Unlimited Advanced plan?

The "Unlimited Advanced" plan gives you 1.2 Gigabyte of high speed data per day. Nothing happens if you do go over the 1.2 Gigabyte threshold, there is never any overage charges or surprise bills. If you would like to upgrade to a fully unlimited service with absolutely no thresholds, please refer to the add-on section. The service works on the largest carrier in the United States with service even in remote areas.

What do you include with the Wi-Fi hotspot rental package?

You will receive a late model 4G LTE capable wireless hotspot device that has excellent battery life. We offer 4G LTE speeds in most places. We also include a wall charger and the necessary wall adapters for the country you visit.

How does the Wi-Fi hotspot device work?

You can connect up to 10 devices at once e.g. Laptops, IPhone, Tablets. We do however recommend not to connect more than 5 devices because the speed slows down for everybody if too many devices are connected.

What are the usual speeds, and does it work anywhere I travel to?

Our devices are capable of handling speeds up to 43MBPS on 3G/4G and up to 150 MBPS on 4G LTE. We however can't guarantee speeds in any specific area, but because we have agreements with major network partners in each country, you will have the best speeds available in any area. Coverage is almost never an issue as long as you are on land.

Do you offer loss/theft insurance on the international Wi-Fi hotspot rentals?

Insurance is $14.99 for the entire trip and has a $75 deductible. If you decline insurance, you will be responsible for a replacement fee ($250) in the event that the device is lost or stolen.

How long will it take to receive my order, and what are my shipping costs?

All orders received before 4pm Monday-Thursday and Friday until 12PM EST can be shipped out the same day. Expedited and urgent delivery options are available on the online order form. If you order after the cut off time, please make sure to call us in at 1.877.602.2999, to see if we can still ship you out that day. If you place your order in advance, we will make sure it arrives at least 2 business days before your travel start date (unless you request otherwise).

How much does it cost to ship back the international Wi-Fi hotspot?

Wi-Fi rentals must be shipped back within 2 business days of your return home. If your Wi-Fi rental device was shipped back after 2 business days of your return home, we may charge you a late fee of $14.99 per day for every day that your device was not shipped back to us (once devices are in carriers possession it will not count against you).

Do you have any satisfaction guarantee, and do you beat your competitors prices?

Sure! We stand behind our product 100%. We are so confident that we have the best pricing and best offer online, that we will beat any competitors online offering by 10% as long as they offer a similar product for a better price. Please email us to pricecompare@cellomobile.com
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What Customers Recently Said...

Submited By: on 06/13/2019
I traveled to San Juan,Puerto Rico for a friends wedding, it was beautiful.
I rented from Cello Mobile a portable wifi hotspot and had high speed internet even on the beach.


Submited By: on 03/14/2019
love the fast internet


Submited By: on 02/05/2018
Good service


Submited By: on 02/01/2018
The internet speeds in Puerto Rico are great.


Submited By: on 12/22/2017
I was at the Hotel Miramar did not know they dont have Wifi I was lucky enough to rent from Cellomobile and I had 4G Data with me everywhere I go, great experience with this rental


Submited By: on 03/28/2017
Great service! Fantastic coverage


Submited By: on 01/23/2017
The hotspot mifi worked better than expected in Puerto Rico. We were able to connect 4 different devices simultaneously and we all had uninterrupted connection. 5 Stars!!!


Submited By: on 05/19/2016
Good Afternoon Cello Mobile, I've just returned from Puerto Rico and this worked very very well all over!! You guys did a great job with the mifi hotspot rental and I'm so grateful! I kept in touch with work and they will let me take another vacation this year as long as I get a mifi again!! Thank you Cello Mobile! You will hear from me again soon!! I'm excited


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