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Africa Portable Wifi Hotspot Rental

Traveling to Africa? We’ve Got You Connected!

Communicate freely with CelloMobile’s Unlimited Africa Data plans. Rent a portable Mifi and you’ll be free to travel without worrying about overages or roaming fees.

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Why you should choose Cello Mobile vs. the competition.
We at Cello Mobile understand the need to communicate while traveling and we aim to please. That is why we offer an unlimited plan where you prepay, only a one-time rental fee and that enables you to use unlimited internet internationally without worrying about overage or other hidden fees. Cello Mobile provides spectacular service throughout the countries. Because our service works on all major networks in each country separately you will have high speed data all over Africa.

We at Cello Mobile strongly advise against relying on African hotels, Africa internet kiosks, Africa internet cafés etc. that offer internet because it will be a hassle and might cost a lot. Rather rent a Cello Mobile Africa temporary mobile wireless hotspot that’s inexpensive and gives you fast speeds and you will be all prepared so you can be assured you will stay connected with your loved ones at all times.

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