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About Cello Mobile

What We Do
Whether you are globe trotting across 3 continents, beach hopping in the Mediterranean, sightseeing in a single country, or traveling for business 6,000 miles from home, we are here to help you stay in touch. Every year serves thousands of travelers, just like you -- from tourists, students and business travelers to large corporations like Ford, CBS, New York Times, Coca Cola and Hess Corporation. Our customers use our mobile devices in the most remote regions of the world, popular European and African destinations, as well as countries like China, Australia, Mexico, Israel, Turkey and beyond.

Our Service
We have three basic services: international cell phone rental, international cell phone/SIM card sales and international data services. The international cell phone rental and sales services are just as they sound. you will be able to use a cell phone in one or even dozens of different countries. The international data service provides you with either an unlimited international BlackBerry or unlimited international MiFi device. (The MiFi device allows you to establish your own WiFi hotspot. This means you will be able to surf the web, stay in touch via email or get detailed map information).

You can rent a mobile device for as little as 2 days, up to 6, 12 or even 18 months. We have special daily, weekly and monthly plans.

You can also purchase a full cell phone package or stand-alone SIM card to be used in any country around the world, with incoming calls free in many countries. We also offer country specific SIM cards and cell phone packages in France, Germany, Spain, Ireland, UK and many more countries, with incoming calls free, and very low outgoing calling rates.

Whichever one you choose, know that we provide our customers with the most up-to-date global roaming technology at affordable prices, with stellar customer service on top. This all comes from three partners who have 45 years of combined experience in the telecommunications industry. Our team oversees everything from network performance to operations to logistics.

Next Step
First decide on the option you want - international cell phone rental, cell phone/SIM card purchase or data service.

If you are not sure what you need, give our USA based customer support team a call and let them know where you will be traveling to, how long you will be staying and what types of mobile services you anticipate needing.

If you already know what you want (or you dont require customer support), you may order the exact service you need right here from the website.

Either way, once your order is complete we will ship your mobile device to you to be delivered while you are still at home. (US and Canadian addresses only).