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United Kingdom
United Kingdom
By choosing a Cello Mobile UK SIM card you will get excellent cell phone coverage throughout the United Kingdom, in all British cities like London, Manchester, Glasgow and in other parts of the UK like Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Our calling rates to the USA and Canada are the lowest you can ever find. You will have the peace of mind knowing your phone number before you leave, and dealing with an American company that knows what "service and reliability" means to you.
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A UK SIM card is what you will be using with your own unlocked phone to replace our service with your current service and save a fortune. Cello Mobile has been the market leader in providing hassle free, cost effective international communication solutions to UK, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales travelers. We always make sure that you receive the best and most cost effective UK SIM card solutions which helps you be connected with friends, family and business associates in cities like London, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Manchester, Scotland and beyond and for a fraction of the cost of your local cell phone carrier. Cello Mobile definitely advises against waiting for your arrival to UK airports cell phone stands to arrange for telecommunications. Heathrow International Airport cell phone stands, England International airport phones booths are all for last minute travelers that are unable to receive a reliable service like ours. So place your order as soon as you book your flight and get your cell phone in advance.

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