International Cell Phone Rental

When you travel internationally, and visit countries around the world, rent a Cello Mobile cell phone, which gives you excellent coverage and service. You will get a late model cell phones, with all the necessary SIM cards and plug adapters delivered to your door a couple days before your trip. there is no prepaid vouchers or refill cards to worry about, you will get billed once your trip is over. Shipping runs between $10 for standard shipping, and as high as $35 for overnight morning delivery. Now, what is there to think? Click the "RENT NOW" button below and get your cell phone in no time.
Rental Rates
Per Minute Call charges
The same phone will work in over 160 countries. Rental begins on the day you arrive at your international destination, and ends the day you return back home (no minimum rental is required). There is a special 10% discount on rental when renting 2 cell phones. If you travel for more than 30 days or studying abroad, you are eligible for special pricing.
Incoming calls 
Local calls 
Calls to USA Canada 
Voicemail access 
Calls to other countries 
Mobile to mobile 
Incoming SMS messages 
Outgoing SMS messages 
Optional add ons
Price: $0.99/day
$75 deductible applies. If you decline insurance and experience a loss, you’ll need to pay the regular retail price of $185 for the cell phone and $15 for the charger, $50 for the SIM card, $15 for the Carrying case, and plug adapters are $2.99 each.
You can add a USA phone number to your international cell phone for a $5.00 setup fee and $0.39/minute surcharge for every incoming call originating on the USA phone number (you will still have the international number as well).
Wireless Hotspot
As Low As $9.99/day
Combine with your cell phone rental a wireless hotspot device (connect up to 5 devices) and enjoy unlimited data.
What You Get With Your International Rental Cell Phone!
Sleek style easy to use cell phone, ready to GO!.
Excellent Coverage in every corner of the world.
Easy to carry Cello Mobile fanny pack.
Rapid wall cell phone charger.
International plug adapters for countries visiting.
Optional North American USA number for your phone.
USA based technical support.
Crystal clear cell phone reception.
No prepaid vouchers to worry about, you never run out of minutes.
Prepaid UPS return label included with all USA orders ($10 fee applies if used).
Can my international cell phone make and receive calls between the USA/Canada and other countries?
Yes, your international cell phones can be used to receive calls and to make calls to the USA and Canada. International cell phones can also be used to call any country in the world.
What do you include in the international cell phone rental package?
All our international cell phone rental packages include a GSM cell phone with a Cello Mobile SIM card for your destination country. It also includes a carrying case (fanny pack) and a rapid wall charger.
What are my up front charges when renting an international cell phone?
We will charge the cell phone rental cost, insurance (optional), shipping fees once your international cell phone ships out, and we will also authorize $250 for the first cell phone (It's not a charge, it's only an authorization) and $75 for each additional cell phone on your credit card. Once your international cell phone rental is back, and we have all your call details, we will send you a final bill, and charge your credit card accordingly.
I like your international cell phone rental rates, but what are the hidden fees?
We have no hidden fees, Reservation fees or any fancy charges on the international cell phone rental. All our charges are presented to you up front in an easy to read format with no small prints.
Will I also get a USA based phone number for my international cell phone?
Yes. We can add a USA phone number (718 area code) to your international cell phone for a $5 setup fee. There will be an additional surcharge for every minute that a call is received on the USA phone number (please look above for the per minute rates).
Do you offer voicemail service on the international cell phones?
Yes. Voicemail is a FREE service that can be activated upon request. You can access your voicemail from anywhere.
Do you offer loss/theft insurance on the international cell phone rentals?
Yes, insurance is $0.99/day ($75 deductible applies). If your international cell phone is lost or damages and you don't have insurance, we will charge you the retail price of the international cell phone rental package. Phone is $185, charger is $15, SIM card is $50, Carrying case is $15, plug adapters are $2.99 each.
How long will it take to receive my international cell phone rental, and what are my shipping costs?
All orders received before 4pm Monday-Thursday and Friday until 1pm EST will be shipped out the same day. Expedited and urgent delivery options are available on the online order form. Shipping costs run between $10-$35 (depending on where you live and how fast you need the international cell phone rental). If you order after the cut off time, please make sure to call us in at 1.877.602.2999, to see if we can still ship you out that day. All orders received after the cut off time, will be shipped the following business day.
How much does it cost to ship back the international cell phone(s) to Cello Mobile?
All our international cell phone rental orders include a prepaid UPS return label for your convenience (there will be a $10 charge if used). Attach the label to the box or return envelope and hand it over to a UPS driver or drop it in a designated UPS drop box (do not call UPS, as they will charge you an additional $10 pick up fee).
Do I have to pay for the international cell phone rental during shipping transit time?
No. We only charge the international cell phone rental fees for the days that you actually travel.
When do I need to return the international cell phone rental back to Cello Mobile?
International Cell phone rentals must be shipped back within 72 business hours after you return home. If your international cell phone was shipped back after 72 hours of your return home we may charge you a late fee of $4.99 per day for every day that your phone was not shipped back to us (once phones are in carriers possession it will not count against you).
Do you have any special long term or student plans available for international cell phone rental?
Yes. We have special long term international cell phone rental discounts. We also offer special student discounts for students studying abroad. Please contact a sales representative today at 1.877.602.2999 to get more information.
Is there a special corporate or group discount program available for international cell phone rentals?
Business accounts and groups of 3 people or more are eligible for special pricing which can be discussed with a sales associate by calling our toll free number 1.877.602.2999.
I want to make sure that my international cell phone rental works before I leave, what can I do?
Our international cell phone rentals are active as soon as they ship from our shipping department. Most international cell phone rentals can be tested while still at home. (Please refer to the instruction sheet included with the package if/how the phone can be tested).

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Because of the USA Thanksgiving holiday, all orders received after 4PM EST on Wednesday November 25 will ship out on Monday November 30. Happy holidays!