Going to Hong Kong? We’ve Got You Covered

Visit Hong Kong and enhance your trip with a Cello Mobile international Wireless Hotspot so you can stay connected. Whether you are traveling for rich business ventures or family adventure, you still need to stay connected with family and friends back home and abroad. Cello Mobile offers an unlimited plan where you pay a one-time fee and you can use unlimited internet internationally without worrying about overage or being limited in any way. Cello Mobile provides excellent service nationwide in cities like Kowloon, Tsuen Wan New Town, Sha Tin New Town, Tseung Kwan O New Town and other cities and towns. The Cello Mobile Mifi hotspot is a portable router (approximately half the size of a regular cell phone) that you carry with you in your pocket, luggage, attaché case, etc. and it thereby allows you to connect any wifi-enabled device to it via Wifi and receive unlimited data on all of those devices. The Wireless hotspot is fully activated and ready to go so as soon as you land abroad, turn it on and it works! Connect up to 5 devices at once so you can use phones, tablets, laptops, etc. simultaneously and enjoy the freedom of unlimited email, browsing, etc.
Cello Mobile strongly advises against relying on Hong Kong hotels, Hong Kong internet kiosks, etc. that offer internet for data because it will be a hassle and might cost a lot, rather rent a Cello Mobile Hong Kong wireless hotspot that’s inexpensive and you will be all prepared so you can be assured you will stay connected with your loved ones at all times.

Here’s how it works:

When you sign up for unlimited international mobile internet through Cello Mobile, you’ll receive a late model Mifi device that has the ability to connect up to 5 devices (e.g. a phone, tablet and laptop computer) all for the same low fixed price. You’ll never be out of touch. Regardless of where you are in Hong Kong, you’ll have excellent coverage. With your MiFi device, you’ll be able to send and receive emails, access maps, browse the internet and more. Why wait? Sign up today and get your Cello Mobile MiFi so you have it in time before you travel. Happy Travels!

CelloMobile International Mifi Highlights:

  • Single portable device for your data connection.
  • Seamless internet access during your travels.
  • Easy connection – Just power on and go!
  • Affordable overseas data access rates.
  • Superior customer support.
  • You’ll only pay for the days you’re traveling (beware of others who charge for transit time).
Rental Rates
First Week $104.93
Each Additional Day $14.99
Each Additional Month $449.70

Fair Usage Policy

Unlike our competitors, we have no fair usage policy in place. You don’t need to worry about any overage charges because it’s a truly unlimited service. Use Skype, watch a movie, or surf the web. Remember, we are the only company that gives you fast 3G/4G/LTE service anywhere in Hong Kong with no hidden caps.

Optional add-on
Price: $0.99/day
$75 deductible applies. If you decline insurance and experience a loss, you’ll need to pay retail price for the device $550, charger $15, Carrying case $15, plug adapters $2.99 each.
How does the Cello Mobile Mifi device work?
The Cello Mobile Mifi device arrives ready-to-go with a reliable internet connection wherever you travel.
How many devices can be connected to the Cello Mobile Mifi device?
Up to 5 devices e.g. Laptops, Iphone, Tablets can be connected at once.
Where will my Cello Mobile Mifi device work?
The Cello Mobile Mifi device will work virtually everywhere. Our multiple roaming partners throughout the world make it possible.
Are there any special discounts for schools,corporations,long term rentals, and what are my shipping options?
Please call our sales department. at 1.877.602.2999 for special pricing.

Mifi devices must ship via 2-day express delivery. They must be returned within one business day of your arrival home via the express shipping method of your choice (minimum of a 2 day delivery method). If you fail to return the phone in time, regular per day rental charges will apply.

What happens if I travel for 9 days, how do you calculate my charges?
You will pay the weekly price for the first 7 days and the daily price for the other 2 days.
How does insurance work?
Insurance is $0.99/day and has a $75 deductible. If you decline insurance, you will be responsible for a replacement fee (averages about $550) in the event that the device is lost or stolen.

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Because of the Jewish Sukkot holiday, we will operate on a reduced schedule until we resume normal operations on Wednesday October 7. All technical support queries should be sent to support@cellomobile.com. All non-urgent support matters will be handled after the holiday. Please check our shipping schedule on the order page and select your shipping method accordingly.