China Cell Phone Rental

China Cell Phone Rental
China Cell Phone Rental Travel to China, which includes major cities like Shanghai, Guangzhou, Beijing, Shenzhen, Chongqing, Tianjin and many other places, with a China cell phone rental. China is a very popular country where business people and leisure travelers visit. You will have excellent nationwide coverage, guaranteed best rates, and there is no prepaid vouchers to worry about, you get billed after use. All you need to do is TALK!.
Rental Rates
Per Minute Call charges
Rental charges begin on the day you arrive in China, and ends on the day you leave China. You will also receive a 10% discount on 2 or more cell phone rentals. Special student and long term rates are available.
Incoming calls $0.59
Local calls $0.59
Calls to USA Canada $0.59
Voicemail access $0.59
Calls to other countries $1.99
Mobile to mobile $0.59
Incoming SMS messages $0.00
Outgoing SMS messages $0.59
Optional add ons
Price: $0.99/day
$75 deductible applies. If you decline insurance and experience a loss, you’ll need to pay retail price for the cell phone $185, charger is $15, SIM card is $50, Carrying case is $15, plug adapters are $2.99 each.
USA Phone Number
$5.00 Setup Fee
You can add a USA phone number to your China cell phone for $5 setup fee and $0.39/minute surcharge on every incoming call originating on the USA phone number.
International email device
As Low As $6.66/day
Combine with your China cell phone rental a full QWERTY keyboard Blackberry email device for your trip abroad, and send/receive unlimited emails worldwide. You can send photos, open attachments in China for a low fixed daily or weekly rental fee.
What You Get With Your China Cell Phone Rental!
China Travel Phone
China Cell Phone Rental
Sleeky and stylish easy to use China cell phone with China SIM card.
Excellent Coverage in China.
Easy to carry Cello Mobile fanny pack.
Rapid wall cell phone charger.
International plug adapters for China.
USA North American number for your phone, optional.
USA based technical support.
Crystal clear cell phone reception.
No prepaid vouchers to worry about, you never run out of credit.
Prepaid return label included ($10 fee applies if used).
Over the years, the use of cell phone rentals has steadily increased in the world. This has led to the growth of the communication sector with many products and services being unveiled. Customer preferences also continue to change; a factor that has significantly played a big role in the development of international and China cell phone rental services.

Cello Mobile China cell phone rental services play a major role in ensuring a reliable communication for many international travelers despite their specific countries of visit. The rates of renting China cell phones and China Cell Phone services are more affordable as compared to satellite phones which can also be used for the same purposes.

Many a global traveler, whether long or short term prefer taking advantage of China phone services due to the significant benefits one is likely to enjoy. Such benefits include a convenient and less expensive form of communication for many individuals visiting the country of China.

Thus, if thinking of travelling to China, you can include a China cell phone rental, China handset, China telephone, China phone in your plan. Taking your own cell phone with you when travelling overseas will prove to be very expensive due to the costs you will incur for roaming costs. Cello Mobile services will provide you with a local cell phone number which you can use that will avoid unnecessary roaming costs thus enabling you to pay less.

Cello Mobile China cell phone rental and International Cell Phone rental is the way to go when trying to save a buck while traveling. Be sure to order it in advance and receive the phone before traveling to China. The rates are fantastically reduced as never before. You should be advised not to take along your local cell phone with you or it will cost you… and lots! While using a Cello Mobile China Cell Phone, or China handset you will have the lowest prices possible yet have the top quality phone and phone service! With China rates so low it surely is no wonder you will save Cello Mobile’s contact information for future travel.

Aside from being less expensive, renting a China cell phone, or China cellular phone is also adequate as they are able to receive signals that will enable you make an international call to your family, friends and even to your office.

Cello Mobile China Cell Phone is a fashionable yet easy-to-use phone. Which has terrific network stability and connection nationwide China. Although, you need not worry about purchasing a China cell phone (Chinese cell phone) or any China cell phone accessory for use there as Cello Mobile will provide you with the perfect phone its necessary as well as luxury accessories to make sure you are comfortable with it during your travel. With an optional car charger, full QWERTY China international cell phone, China cell phone belt clip and more you ought to enjoy the best quality China phone during travels to China.

Thus, travelling with a rented China cell phone which you can easily get from an international China cell phone rental service provider such as Cello Mobile will save you from paying a huge phone bill that would have otherwise incurred. Such travel phones are also very reliable so you will not need to worry about the network coverage as you can choose which type of phone will best suit your individual needs during your stay in the republic of China.

Cello Mobile China Cell Phone provides you with the greatest network available in China. While traveling all around China its major cities as well as its rural destinations you will awe at the network all over and at every spot you could only imagine. We partner and roam with China Mobile which provides fabulous service in greater China Republic.

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