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Cello Mobile is here to serve you with your international cell phone rental and European cell phone rental needs. We have the best rates and service worldwide. Our international cell phone rentals have great reception everywhere in the world, like Europe, Asia, Africa and the middle East, including popular travel destinations in Europe like France, Italy, Spain, UK and other popular countries like China, Australia, Hong Kong, Israel, Mexico and many more countries around the globe. We deliver your GSM cell phone rental to your door while you are still home, so you can avoid the high costs of renting a cell phone abroad or in airports. By using our international cell phone service, you will save a fortune on your international communication costs abroad.
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Afghanistan Angola Aruba
Albania Anguilla Ascension
Algeria Antigua & Barbuda Australia
American Samoa
Argentina Austria
Andorra Armenia Azerbaijan

Bahamas Belize Brazil
Bahrain Benin British Virgin Islands (U.K.)
Bangladesh Bermuda (U.K.) Brunei
Barbados Bolivia Bulgaria
Belarus Bosnia & Herzegovina Burkina Faso
Belgium Botswana Burundi

Cambodia Chad Congo
Cameroon Chile Cook Islands (New Zealand)
Canada China Costa Rica
Cape Verde China & Hong Kong Croatia
Caribbean Islands Christmas Islands (Australia) Cuba
Cayman Islands Cocos Islands Cyprus
Central African Republic Colombia Czech Republic

Denmark Egypt Faroe Islands
Diego Garcia (U.K.) El Salvador Falkland Islands (U.K.)
Dominica England (U.K.) Fiji
Dominican Republic Equatorial Guinea Finland
Dubai Eritrea France
East Timor Estonia French Guiana
Ecuador Ethiopia French West Indies

Gabon Greece Guyana
Gambia Greenland Haiti
Georgia Grenada Honduras
Germany Guadeloupe (France) Hong Kong
Ghana Guam Hungary
Gibraltar Guatemala
Great Britain (U.K.) Guinea

Iceland Iraq Italy
India Ireland Japan
Indonesia Isle of Man (U.K.) Jamaica
Iran Israel Jersey

Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan Liberia
Kenya Laos Libya
Kiribati Latvia Liechtenstein
Kosovo Lebanon Lithuania
Kuwait Lesotho Luxembourg

Macau (China) Malta Moldova
Macedonia Marshall Islands Monaco
Madagascar Martinique (France) Mongolia
Malawi Mauritania Montenegro
Malaysia Mauritius Montserrat (U.K.)
Maldives Mayotte (France) Morocco
Mali Mexico Mozambique

Namibia New Zealand Norfolk Island (U.K.)
Nauru Nicaragua Northern Mariana Islands
Nepal Niger Norway
Netherlands Nigeria Oman
Netherlands Antilles (U.K.) Niue (New Zealand)

Pakistan Peru Réunion (France)
Palau Philippines Rodriguez Island
Palestinian Areas (Israel) Poland Romania
Panama Portugal Russia
Papau New Guinea Puerto Rico (U.S.) Rwanda
Paraguay Qatar

Samoa Slovakia St. Lucia
San Marino Slovenia St. Pierre & Miquelon (France)
Sao Tome & Principe Solomon Islands St. Vincent & The Grenadines
Saudi Arabia South Africa Sudan
Senegal South Korea Suriname
Serbia Spain Swaziland
Seychelles Sri Lanka Sweden
Sierra Leone St. Helena (U.K.) Switzerland
Singapore St. Kitts & Nevis Syria

Tahiti Thuraya Tunisia
Taiwan Togo Turkey
Tajikistan Tokelau Turkmenistan
Tanzania Tonga Turks & Caicos (U.K.)
Thailand Trinidad & Tobago Tuvalu

U.S. Virgin Islands United States (USA) Vietnam
Uganda Uruguay Wallis & Futuna Islands
Ukraine Uzbekistan Yemen
United Arab Emirates Vanautu Zambia
United Kingdom (UK) Venezuela Zimbabwe

Popular International Cities

Amsterdam Paris Rome
London Prague Sicily

International Regions

Europe Asia Middle East Africa

Rent a Travel International Cell Phone

Cello Mobile is your #1 source for all communication needs worldwide. We are the leaders in international and Europe mobile phone rentals worldwide. When you rent a Europe cell phone or international cell phone from Cello Mobile you can rest assured that you will have the highest quality and best service worldwide. Our Europe and international cell phone rental program is designed for the short term, corporate or leisure traveler, traveling abroad to Europe or to over 180 other countries worldwide.

The reason why the Cello Mobile international cell phone rental and international mobile phone program is so widely popular among international travelers is because Cello Mobile uses only direct dial service in all our international cell phone rental programs, which gives unmatched quality and service for the traveling customer. Our international cell phone rental service does not use the callback technology which is widely used these days by many other carriers offering Europe cell phone rentals and International cell phones, which makes it a very unreliable product for the international traveler.

Israel Cell Phone Rental
UK Cell Phone Rental
Australia Cell Phone Rental
Scotland Cell Phone Rental
Mexico Cell Phone Rental
China Cell Phone Rental
Hong Kong
Hong Kong Cell Phone Rental
USA Cell Phone Rental
Brazil Cell Phone Rental
Switzerland Cell Phone Rental
Austria Cell Phone Rental
Bahrain Cell Phone Rental
Belgium Cell Phone Rental
Bulgaria Cell Phone Rental
Croatia Cell Phone Rental
Cyprus Cell Phone Rental
Dubai Cell Phone Rental
Egypt Cell Phone Rental
Estonia Cell Phone Rental
Finland Cell Phone Rental
France Cell Phone Rental
Germany Cell Phone Rental
Gibraltar Cell Phone Rental
Greece Cell Phone Rental
Hungary Cell Phone Rental
Iceland Cell Phone Rental
Rent Cell Phone Ireland
Italy Cell Phone Rental
Japan Cell Phone Rental
Latvia Cell Phone Rental
Lithuania Cell Phone Rental
Cell Phone Rental for Luxembourg
Monaco Cell Phone Rental
Netherlands Cell Phone Rental
Cell Phone Rental Nigeria
Norway Cell Phone Rental
Oman Cell Phone Rental
Poland Cell Phone Rental
Portugal Cell Phone Rental
Romania Cell Phone Rental

Cello Mobile was founded in 2006, after our president and CEO, a young entrepreneur came home from a short business trip, and got hit with a bill from another international cell phone provider, totaling over $1500!! He decided to do something about it, and he took our company to where it is today: the leader in Europe cell phone and international cell phone rental.

Our customers rely on our expert knowledge of international communications. As a premiere provider of international cellular phone rentals, we have some of the world's most prestigious organizations depend on us for their cell phone service. Organizations and corporations like: Ford, CBS, Verizon Wireless, Hess, Honda, Procter and Gamble, and many leading university and school study abroad programs. We also serve as a wholesale provider for other leading international mobile phone provider companies.

We are very confident, that by choosing a Cello Mobile international cell phone rental package when you travel internationally to countries like UK, Italy, Spain, France and many more; you will count among our thousands of very satisfied customers, and you will have one thing less to worry about on your trip!

If traveling abroad, you are probably wondering why you should use an international cell phone rental. There are many benefits that come with renting an international cell phone especially if you are thinking of traveling abroad only for a short period of time.

A Europe cell phone and international cell phone rental is ideal if you have a cell phone that may not be compatible with the other country’s network. If your phone is compatible, you have the option of purchasing a SIM card which you can use during your stay while you travel.

Using international cell phone rental services is of great benefit if you are looking to avoid racking up high roaming rates. Our services ensure that you get a solution you can afford. Despite your local service provider having offers on roaming rates, it is very likely that you will end up with making payments on the high end as compared to the payments you will make if you use a cell phone that works specifically for the visited country. F. E. UK Cell Phone Rental , Germany Cell Phone Rental , France Cell Phone Rental , Israel Cell Phone Rental Etc.

There are other ways one can communicate internationally, like through emails and chats. Visit our International Blackberry rental page for more details. Having an international cell phone is the ultimate solution if you want to enjoy the convenience that comes with having a cell phone at hand as one can use it anywhere and at any time.

Furthermore, a traveler renting an international mobile phone is able to enjoy free incoming calls in many countries and also very affordable outgoing calls. Thus, as a customer, you will be able to enjoy the fact that you will be in complete control over the costs you will incur when using your temporary cell phone.


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